Phuket Raceweek 2022 – 2023

There are many levels of sponsorship opportunities available at Phuket Raceweek and packages can normally be tailored to a client’s needs, budget, and objectives, whether it be for a Product Launch, Branding, Hospitality, Merchandising, or Experiential Marketing the events and rights holder will work with a client ensuring a client’s needs are fully understood and deliverable.

Product Launch


Phuket Raceweek offers huge opportunities to create media coverage for sponsors through news PR activity. There will be covered in Thai local and national newspapers, Asian regional and international newspapers, TV, Radio, and Magazines.

Press releases and daily race reports will also be issued through a variety of regional and international yachting websites. Sponsors, Supporters, Suppliers, and Island Partners will have the right to associate with Phuket Raceweek for PR and advertising activity.


Phuket Raceweek offers a plethora of fantastic opportunities to entertain customers, clients, and executives at one of Thailand’s most beautiful islands. With 4 days of sailing and 4 Parties plus a wealth of relaxation and recreation activities, this is an excellent way to do and promote your business.

Sponsors will have a number of opportunities to entertain their guests through bespoke packages.


We offer our Sponsors, Supporters, Suppliers, and Island Partners the opportunity to produce jointly branded merchandise. This could be used as give-aways through media and presence marketing promotions.

For example Phuket Raceweek travel bags; pens; sunglasses; key rings; and watches.

Experiential Marketing

Phuket attracts thousands of visitors in June, July, and August and with it huge opportunities for sponsors to promote their products and services.

The visitors provide sponsors with a mixture of:

  • High Net Worth Individuals from media celebrities to business entrepreneurs from all industries.
  • Corporate high flyers from media and advertising.
  • Tourists.

Mount Gay Rum, Jaguar Land Rover, and FRANKE led the way at Phuket Raceweek by using their sponsorship as a major marketing platform

Phuket Raceweek 2022 – 23 will offer commercial sponsorship packages at all levels enabling corporate Asia to GET INVOLVED with flexible and affordable integration:


Title and Presenting Sponsors

One title & one presenting sponsor with naming rights to the event e.g. Phuket Raceweek 2022 – 23.

Host Sponsors

Either one host sponsor or up to four.


Up to six co-sponsors from non-competing categories.

Official Suppliers & Media Partners

Up to 12 official suppliers provide goods and services that are essential to the event.

Up to 12 media partners Link to benefits page.

Island Partners and supporters

Entry-level packages are designed to enable Phuket and the Thailand Marine Industry to be involved.

Branded Boats

Opportunity for sponsors to brand boats entered in the regatta as a bolt on to the above package.

Social Media/Merchandise Marketing

Opportunities for sponsors to leverage the Phuket Raceweek online presence.

Phuket Raceweek 2022 – 23 naming rights fall into the following categories. A comprehensive inventory relating to each sponsorship level can be found by following the links above:

  • Right To Title: Title Sponsor / Official Presenting Sponsor / Host Sponsor / Co-sponsor / Official Supplier/ Official Media Partner / Island Partner and supporters.
  • Branding: Signage and logos at the event and around Phuket; Airport; Boats; Officials; Beach Flags; Parties; Regatta Bar; Programme; Pre and Post Event Literature; Social Media and Website; Prize Naming, Photo Backdrop (limited availability).
  • Media: Inclusion of logo in any TV documentary; any post-event DVD; Media releases.
  • Experiential Marketing: Presence Marketing: Social media platforms, Leafleting; Information Booths in Regatta Village.
  • Data Capture: Mail list forwarding service access via Phuket Raceweek 2022-23 database.
  • Hospitality & Networking: VIP Hospitality Packages to Boat Charter, Parties; Opening & Closing Ceremonies.
  • Merchandising: Phuket Raceweek 2022- 23 product placement with website merchandising platform. Logos can be placed on Baseball caps; t-shirts; Posters; Postcards; Stationery; Leaflets.