Raceday 2 at Phuket Raceweek

Raceday 2 at Phuket Raceweek

Good wind marks the second day of Phuket Raceweek 2022 at Cape Panwa Hotel

PRO Simon James started the fleet for the 19th Phuket Raceweek at the same spot as on day one, just south of Koh Lan off the southern coast of Phuket. The wind was light at six-eight knots for the first windward-leeward race but picked up to twelve knots by the time Simon started the second race, which saw the sailors circumnavigate Chalong Bay.     

It was “Alright” on the Night.

James Bury and Craig Nichols’ Alright (main picture) stole the thunder today in the IRC Zero class, winning both races with Ray Roberts Team Hollywood taking the second spot. Garry Holt’s Let’s Get it On, a Corby 36, had two-thirds, while the fourth boat in the class, the Douglas/Kettlebey Ramrod, a Farr 40, was able to sail today, getting its hands on a set of sails and settled for two fourth-place finishes.  

The IRC 1 class saw Alright continue its run, winning both races. Garry Holt’s Let’s Get it On took second in both races & Ramrod claimed the third spot twice in the three-boat class today.

IRC Cruising

Niels Degenklow’s Phoenix and Stuart Williamson’s APW Endeavour of Whitby swapped positions today, with Phoenix winning both races in the six-boat IRC Cruising Monohull class and APW Endeavour of Whitby coming in second both times. Toshiro Furuta’s Sakura had a good day coming third both times, while Kirill Stashevsky’s Russian crew on Agata had two-fourths. Fred Haes’ Venture and Kampon Sutara’s Kantus Bride swapped fifth and sixth spots to round out the class.

Raceday 2 at Phuket Raceweek
IRC Cruising division set off on Raceday 2

Pulse 600

The Pulse 600s (Tristan Hamilton skippering Pulse Grey and Paul Flatty Baker skippering Pulse Yellow) took to the water again today. Both skippers handled the craft admirably in choppy waters, with Mr Hamilton continuing his winning ways, capturing both races today.   

Raceday 2 at Phuket Raceweek
Pulse 600 ‘Grey’ from Java Yachting

Multihull Racing

The Racing Multiclass class saw Dan Fidock’s Extreme 40 Parabellum do it again, taking line honours and winning both races as spectators looked on in awe as it whizzed by on the water. Warwick Downes’ Bonza was next, claiming their second and third place and drawing a fair amount of gasps with its hull lifts. Alan Carwardine’s Saffron was third on the day with a fourth and second-place finish, and Glywn Rowlands Twister 2 had a third and fourth-place finish to come forth and round out the four-boat class.         

Raceday 2 at Phuket Raceweek
The Multihull Fleet sets off on Raceday 2

Firefly 850 Sports Boats

The four-boat Firefly 850 Sport boat class saw John Newnham’s Twin Sharks, Hans Rahmann’s Voodoo, Ray Waldron’s Surf Patrol, and George Eddings Blue Nose finish one through four in that order in both races. The first three boats deal with experienced crew, who have all sailed together on Fireflies before, while Blue Noze’s crew has been drawn together for the first time and are still finding their way and getting used to the Mark Pescott design and Mark Horwood build.  

Raceday 2 at Phuket Raceweek
Firefly 850 ‘Voodoo’

It is Rung Jones’s birthday today, and we can’t say enough about all the hard work that Rung puts into the event months in advance to make this regatta happen. Suffice to say. The regatta wouldn’t happen if not for her tireless efforts and dedication. Happy birthday Rung, from all the participants and all the committee members.

Thank you Lucky 13

And a big shout-out to Dan and Dow Fidock: firstly, from all the committee members and on-water volunteers, Dan and his staff have made delicious sandwiches from his Lucky 13 chain of restaurants for those working on the water. And from the racers, it’s not every day that you get to sail against an Extreme 40, and many sailors in the regatta have revelled at the chance to sail with Parabellum.            

The racing continues Saturday and Sunday, with the sailors coming ashore for a sumptuous banquet and prize-giving Saturday evening at Cape Panwa Hotel host venue.

Saturday racing and prizes are sponsored by Alan and Roger at Asia Catamarans. 

Sunday, the final day of racing and an evening under the stars, is planned as the 19th Phuket Raceweek 2022 at Cape Panwa Hotel draws to a close.

Check out the awards from Raceday 1 in the picture gallery.

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