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Weather Routing Inc. (WRI) is proud to be involved once again this year for the Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek, and will be providing forecasts each morning from 19th through 24th July.

These forecasts will be e-mailed to the organisers, for display prior to and during the event. Further, the forecasts, as well as map products specific to the race region will be available electronically at the following link from the event website: https://www.wriwx.com/clientproduct.php?id=6695.

WRI service SeaWeather

WRI also offers an online service called SeaWeather. This is a supplement to the forecast and map products mentioned above and includes real-time data, forecast charts, a tropical cyclone tracker, and maps specific to the race region.

The event organisers will have access to this site. However, Weather Routing Inc. also invites all participants to create their own complimentary trial account for SeaWeather. They may do so by going to

https://www.seaweather.net/events.php?r=capepanwa and filling out the online submission form connected to that link.

WRI prides itself as the world leader in maritime forecasting, in business since 1961, providing detailed, customised routeing and forecast services to mariners worldwide. The forecasts that will be provided to the organisers will be given in an areal “grid” format. However, WRI’s staff of trained, degreed, and professional Meteorologists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist participants and answer any questions, providing customised routeing and forecast advice, specific to the vessel’s needs and constraints.

Participants are invited to contact WRI at any time at +1-518-798-1110 to speak with one of their Meteorologists.

Visit the Phuket Weather page for all the latest in Phuket and Thailand weather and Tide Tables here.

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